What is Re-Upholstery?

Re-upholstery offers a value for money way to make your furniture beautiful again. Comfort and sentimental attachment are not affected. You are making the furniture you already have quite literally look like new.

When your favourite sofa or chair is comfortable and it fits perfectly in your home, it becomes like an old friend. What many people nowadays don't realise is that it is also very well made, in many cases of a better quality than if you bought brand new. Proper frames, springs and padding went into producing long lasting comfortable furniture.

Zeba takes that sofa or chair of yours right back to the frame, and virtually begin all over again.

Re-upholstery means that you can keep all the original features of your existing furniture, the shape, the comfort and the style, but in a brand new fabric.

We can re-upholster any style, type & brand of furniture !

Reasons to Re-upholster your furniture with Zeba :

  • We all love comfort and quality which is why so many of us opt for furniture with timber frames, proper joints and springs for comfort. So it’s good to know that Zeba's re-upholstery is just as much on the inside, on those parts you can’t see.
  • The joints if necessary are tightened, new springing and webbing installed if necessary, and the whole thing recovered with your choice of fabric.
  •  Re-upholstery is a traditional craft. By choosing re-upholstery you are supporting traditional British workmanship by genuine local craftsmen and women

 Loose Covers : 

Along with our re-upholstery services,  Zeba have been producing and designing quality made-to-measure loose covers too.

We create custom made loose covers, specially created to fit the exact shape and style of your furniture.

Fabrics to choose :

One of the best things about reupholstery is you get to keep your existing furniture in a brand new choice of fabric.  With over 1000s of fabrics on offer, you are spoilt for choice when you re-upholster your furniture with Zeba.

Please select fabric from cotton to luxurious weaves that best suit your living space.

We can re-cover anything :

Sofas :

If the sofa is looking tired, and it’s time for an update. You are making the furniture you already have quite literally look like new. It’s the perfect way to revive a much loved piece without compromising on the comfort and style of the original design.

Chairs :

Fabulous made-to-measure dining chair covers are a simple way to transform your home.

The skill, workmanship and passion that Zeba puts into making loose covers for your dining room furniture is second to none.

We make made-to-measure covers for all sorts of sizes and shapes of furniture including Cane, Rattan, willow or wicker styles.

Book  a free home visit (local area) or submit your details or email at and one of our customer service representative will talk you through the range of furniture coverings, curtain and cushion fabrics available.

Make your room beautiful again